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The 3 Best Stretch Mark Creams On The Market...

We all know there are dozens, perhaps hundreds, of ineffective anti stretch mark treatments and creams which promise to reduce, or even completely erase your stretch marks. Unfortunately, most of us also know that the vast majority of these claims and promises are outright lies.

More than 95% of stretch mark creams and lotions on the market are completely ineffective and worthless to a person plagued by stretch marks. They could no more eliminate your stretch marks than could a bowl of whipped bananas or sliced peaches -- they're just sub-standard moisturizing creams. No more, no less.

And while I stand firmly by that belief, there are actually a few anti stretch mark products which have risen to the top of this ocean of ineffective "crapola". More specifically speaking, there are 3 such anti stretch mark products, and each has been thoroughly review and evaluated by me.

While they certainly aren't instant cures for stretch marks, they are the most effective and the most affordable treatments that I have ever come across. If you're interested in learning about them and why I like them so much, just take a look below.

Best Stretch Mark Cream
Stretch Mark Cream Review

After many, many long hours of grueling research, I've finally made my choice. It wasn't easy, but after all the facts were gathered and all the testimonals and user reviews sorted, there was only one clear winner. And that winner was.... *drum roll please*.... "Stretch Mark Prevention by Revitol".

Revitol's Stretch Mark Prevention isn't the oldest kid on the block -- and certainly not the newest either -- but it's proving beyond all doubt that you really don't need the newest "fad" ingredients or high tech delivery systems to get impressive, long lasting results. It's basic philosopy is simple and straightforward; By Sticking to the Real SCIENCE of Stretch Mark Removal, Getting Results Isn't Just Easy, It's Guaranteed!

And contrary to the name -- which is a little misleading -- it's both an active and preventative treatment for your stretch marks. So, just because it's called "Stretch Mark Prevention", that doesn't mean it can't help with stretch marks that you already have -- BECAUSE IT CAN and IT WILL!

By making use of PROVEN stretch mark fighting ingredients -- things like Aloe Vera Extract, Vitamin A Palmitate, Vitamin E, Squalene Oil, pro-vitamin B5, Grapefruit Seed Extract, etc -- Revitol's Stretch Mark Prevention can easily reduce, if not totally erase, the appearance of stretch marks, not to mention protect your skin from further damage.

A revolutionary concept? No. Effective? No doubt about it!

A Few Highlighted Benefits ...
Revitol Stretch Mark Prevention

Revitol Stretch Mark Prevention Special Offer

Is It Safe For Pregnant Women: Yes! While it's true that anybody can get stretch marks, pregnant women are the primary sufferers of this skin problem, meaning it would be quite stupid if stretch mark cream couldn't be used by them. Revitol knows this and they have made sure to use 100% safe, natural ingredients in their stretch mark cream. It will not harm you or your baby in anyway.

Is It Only For Prevention: No. Didn't I mention this already? Revitol Stretch Mark Prevention can be used to significantly reduce and erase the appearance of stretch marks that have already "arrived". The name is misleading, I admit, but it's just a name -- get over it!

Is It Effective For Old Or Deep Stretch Marks: Yes, and Yes. While every case is different, there are numerous reports that the appearance of both old and deep stretch marks are being significantly reduced with the help of Revitol Stretch Mark Prevention.

How Long Does It Take to Work: Most users report that the first noticeable results appear within just 2 to 3 weeks. After 4 to 5 weeks of continued use, improvements become even more noticeable and impressive. After 2 to 3 months, the stretch marks will be more or less invisible to the naked eye.

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Are There Any Possible Side Effects: Revitol Stretch Mark Prevention, as already stated, is 100% safe and will not adversely affect your skin. The only possible "side effect" would be an allergic reaction -- if you have allergies -- to one the cream's ingredients. However, since the creams ingredients are natural substances which have been tested & re-tested, chances of severe allergic reactions are very slim to none. If worried, try a small amount on your skin for 24 hours. If there is no negative reaction, you can safely use the cream anywhere.

How Often Do I Need to Use the Cream: 3 times a day is recommended by most users (and by Revitol), but even twice a day will still yield dramatic results. It really depends on how extensive your stretch marks are and how deep they are.

How Much Does It Cost: Revitol Stretch Mark Prevention is a straight-to-the-point, no muss, no fuss, anti stretch mark cream. It does not attempt to entice folks with free trial periods, bonus offers, or risk free deals. Better yet, it offers customers an iron-clad, 90-day money back guarantee in case you're not completely satisfied.

The price is $40 per tube and the cost goes down when you buy more than one; 2 for $70, 4 for $120, and 6 for $160. No autoship program, no gimmicks, no shady tactics.

How Many Tubes Do I Really Need: 1 tube lasts roughly 1 month, or perhaps less depending on your usage. If you've got very few and/or very light stretch marks, you can probably get away with buying just 1 tube.

If your stretch marks are not so few and/or they're a little deeper & darker -- I won't lie to you -- you're probably going to need more tubes. 1 tube can only go so far after all. If you can afford it, the 4 for $120 ($30 per tube) is the best deal in my opinion -- and 4 tubes will go a LONG, LONG way. If $120 just seems like too much to you, well, then just get the 1 tube for now and worry about buying more later. Who knows, maybe the 1 tube is all you really need!

Are There Any Downsides: None whatsoever. No side effects, no autoship clubs, no shady "free trial" offers, and no absurdly high price tag. All in all, it's just an exceptional anti stretch mark cream.

Stretch Marks Before and After

Is It Worth Using: If you're plagued by stretch marks, or are just deathly afraid of getting them during pregnancy, then yeah, it's most definitely worth it. This stretch mark cream works fast, it delivers pretty incredible results, and it doesn't break the bank like other stretch mark treatments. Case in point, it's not called the best stretch mark cream on the market for nothing!

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Stretch Mark Removal Cream
Do Stretch Mark Creams Work?

TriLASTIN-SR Intensive Stretch Mark Complex is without a doubt the top contender for the title of best stretch mark cream on the market. And truthfully, why it's ranked #2 has less to do with it's effectiveness & speed and more to do with Revitol's overwhelming popularity as a stretch mark cream. But even with that said, Revitol is still the reigning champ because it wins in more categories than TriLASTIN-SR. Moving on...

TriLASTIN-SR uses some seriously powerful technology and ingredients -- and far more so than 95% of the stretch mark creams on the market. It's delivery system alone -- named Sequenced Diffusion Delivery System -- is extremely impressive because of the unique way in which delivers the ingredients to your skin.

Rather than just a splash of ingredients thrown all at once at your skin -- which is what most stretch mark creams do -- SDDS actually lengthens the availability of the ingredients so that the skin has significantly more time to absorb them properly. This may sound like mumbo-jumbo to you, but it's very impressive & makes this cream that much more powerful.

Combine this cutting edge delivery system with amazingly potent stretch mark fighting ingredients -- such as Zea Mays (Corn) Kernel Extract, BVOSC, Dermochlorella D, Active Soy Protein, Licorice Extract PTH, and Vitamin E -- and you've got one extremely powerful stretch mark cream.

A Few Highlighted Benefits ...
  • Visible reduction in both length & depth of stretch mark furrows. 
  • Helps to significantly firm & tighten loose, stretched skin.
  • Normalizes tone as well as pigment discoloration.
  • Maximizes the elasticity of the skin in order to prevent future stretch marks.
  • Restores your skins natural smoothness and suppleness.
Is It Safe For Pregnant Women: Yes. TriLASTIN-SR was created with pregnant women in mind, so it's completely safe for use before, during, and after pregnancy.

Is It Only For Prevention: No. You can, and are encouraged to, use TriLASTIN-SR to get rid of stretch marks that are already visible.

Is It Effective For Old Or Deep Stretch Marks: Yes & Yes. In fact, older stretch marks respond remarkably well to this treatment -- a quality which is absent with most stretch mark creams.

How Long Does it Take to Work:
Roughly 4 to 6 weeks for good, easily noticeable results. However, slight to moderate improvements in your skin can be seen within just 2 to 3 weeks.

Are There Any Possible Side Effects: Out of the thousands & thousands of women who have tried it, not one has come forward with complaints of adverse reactions. This is probably because the stretch mark cream formula is both hypoallergenic and fragrance-free.

How Often Do I Need to Use the Cream: Recommened use is 2 times per day.

How Much Does it Cost: The price is a big reason why TriLASTIN-SR is ranked #2, as it's more expensive than most other creams out on the market. And in today's world, affordability is a must! The prices are: $79.95 for a 6-oz tube. 2 tubes for $149.95 (best deal). 3 tubes for $219.95. Free shipping is avaible if you buy 2 tubes or more. There's also a 60-day money back guarantee in place just in case you're not satifised. No free trials, no bonuses, no gimmicks, no auto ship programs.

How Many Tubes Do I Really Need: A 6-oz tube of TriLASTIN-SR lasts 1 to 2 months according to the website. However, I sincerely doubt that a 6-oz tube is going to last that long if you have anything more than a "very mild" cases of stretch marks. If you think you can pull it off with just 1 tube because the stretch marks aren't that severe, then by all means, go for it. Personally, I'd rather be on the safe side with 2 tubes -- but that's just me. All in all, you should just get what you can afford and worry about getting more later if you even need it.

Are There Any Downsides: Aside from a somewhat high price tag, no, there's absolutely nothing wrong with this stretch mark cream.

Stretch Mark Removal Cream

Is It Worth Using: Absolutely. While Revitol is indeed more popular and, in most cases, more powerful, TriLASTIN-SR is defintiely no light weight. It's 100% safe, fast, highly effective, and (when compared to other high end treatments) very affordable. To put it simply, there's a reason why it's ranked #2 as the best stretch mark cream, it WORKS!

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Stretch Mark Creams
Anti Stretch Mark Cream Reviews

The third best stretch mark cream on the market -- based on research, online reviews, testimonials, and of course our own personal testing -- is Stretta, by Zenmed. Stretta is a very effective stretch mark cream in it's own right and has many redeeming qualities, it's just that Revitol and TriLASTIN-SR are superior in a number of ways.

Stretta's approach to stretch mark removal is to strip away those dead, unwanted layers of skin, and then use both natural ingredients and powerful pharmceautical ingredients to jump start your body's collagen production. Once this happens and your "collagen network" is rebuilt bigger and stronger than before, stretch marks will quickly begin to fade and your skin will start to "tone and rejuvenate".

The basic idea here is to get rid of the layers of skin where the stretch marks are trapped, and then provide the skin with enough collagen so it can heal, mend, protect, as well as strengthen itself. Many stretch mark creams attempt this very thing, but nearly all of them fall short of the goal -- Stretta, on the other hand, is not one of those creams. It does everything it promises and more.

Recommended For Anyone...
  • Plagued by red and/or ridge-like stretch marks
  • Needing to minimize fine or light stretch marks.
  • Pregnant, or recently pregnant, with permanent stretch marks on stomach, legs, or thighs.
  • Needing to minimize old scars or discoloration (freckles) and/or wrinkles from sun damage.
Is It Safe For Pregnant Women: Yes.

Is It Only For Prevention: No.

Is It Effective For Old Or Deep Stretch Marks: Yes, and Yes. All reports indicate Stretta is effective on old and even deep stretch marks. Your results may vary of course, but this is what we have revealed with our own research and testing.

How Long Does It Take to Work:
Roughly 6 to 8 weeks for noticeable improvements. Some users have reported seeing slight improvements during the first 3 to 4 weeks, but 6-8 weeks is definitely the norm.

Are There Any Possible Side Effects: There aren't any reports or complaints that we could find talking about adverse reactions to using this cream. However, the website itself indicates the possiblity of irritation when applying the cream twice per day; so that should say something. If irritation does occur, they say to cut back to just 1 daily application. They also stress the point of avoiding sun exposure and not to apply the cream to the neck, face, nipples, or near the eyes. I've never heard of stretch marks appearing in these areas to begin with, so I suppose it doesn't really matter.

How Often Do I Need to Use the Cream: Twice daily, or just once daily if your skin becomes irritated.

How Much Does it Cost: Stretta costs $49.99 for a 1.7 oz tube. For $149.97, you get 4 tubes; which is basically a buy 3 tubes and get 1 free deal. Shipping costs $6.95 on all orders within the United States. Comes backed by a 60-day no hassle guarantee, so if you're unpleased with Stretta in any way whatsoever, return it for a refund (minus shipping).

How Many Tubes Do I Really Need: As with any stretch mark cream, 1 tube will only cut it if you've got minor stretch marks. If your stretch mark problem is more serious, 1 tube -- especially one that is only 1.7 oz -- isn't likely going to cut it. They say on the website it'll last 1 month, but I'm very skeptical of that "estimate". Am I saying that you can't get results with 1 tube? No, not at all -- what I'm saying is that you are almost certainly going to run out as soon as any results start appearing. But as always, just get what you can afford now and then worry about getting more later.

Are There Any Downsides: Nothing major, no. You already know it's a little slower to work than the other 2 best stretch mark creams and it's a small 1.7 oz tube, but beyond that, nothing negative to report.
Anti Stretch Mark Creams

Is It Worth Using: If you don't like Revitol -- the #1 best stretch mark cream -- and if TriLASTIN-SR proved ineffective as well, then yes, Stretta is the next logical conclusion. And honestly, if it wasn't worth using, I wouldn't have listed it as the third best stretch mark cream on the market.

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