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Stretch Mark Removal Remedies :: What Is The Best Way To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks

What Is The Best Way To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks?

Anyone experiencing stretch marks would happily try anything to minimize them as much as possible, and that's part of the problem. Over the years, thousands of people have searched for the best way to get rid of stretch marks and have come up with nothing more than frustration and wasted efforts.

This is largely due to the fact that such individuals try anything and everything they can in the hopes of getting rid of stretch marks immediately -- something that rarely, if EVER, happens. Rather than sticking with one or two of the known best ways to get rid of stretch marks, they go crazy and move from one remedy to the next in the hopes of finding an instant stretch mark cure. Let me fill you in right now; there is NO instant cure for stretch marks, period!

Natural Skin Care Products & Remedies

As one might imagine, there is a great deal of interest in skin care products that can minimize these striations quickly & cheaply. Stretch mark removal cream, for instance, is non-invasive and a whole heck of a lot cheaper than cosmetic procedures. While it is certainly more expensive than using natural homemade remedies, it is normally far more effective too.

The best way to get rid of stretch marks is usually through natural remedies and at home treatments; such as with a stretch mark removal cream or homemade stretch mark remover.

These sort of remedies can be made from natural ingredients derived from the tea tree, wheat germ, almonds, jojoba fruit, aloe vera, chamomile, lavender, olives, and even emu fat to name just a few. Each of these materials moisturizes the skin and increases the production of collagen and elastin -- making skin more supple and more capable of repairing itself quickly without developing ugly stretch marks.

Any combination of these products can benefit the skin in a number of ways beyond just moisturizing it. Mix and match them at will, and massage into the skin once or twice a day for maximum benefits.

Olive Oil and Emu Oil - The Best Way to Get Rid of Stretch Marks?

Olive oil is one of the most known and most popular natural stretch mark removal treatments there is, and emu oil is right behind it and gaining popularity fast! That said, let's talk about why these two types of oils are effective and often touted as the best ways to get rid of stretch marks.

The Wonders of Olive Oil

Olive oil is derived from pressed olives. Virgin olive oil is its purest form, and cold pressed olive oil is preferred for skin care because it retains its original chemical nature. Naturally high in Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, olive oil is also very rich source of vitamins A, D and E nutrients, which promote healthy skin growth while keeping it supple, thereby minimizing and preventing stretch marks.

For optimal results, massage a few drops of olive oil daily into the skin of your abdomen, chest, hips, thighs and buttocks; the areas which are affected most by stretch marks. Not only will olive oil minimize the appearance of stretch marks, it will will also soften and strengthen your skin too.

The Awesome Power of Emu Oil

Fat is rendered from an Emu (a large bird native to Australia) to make emu oil, a natural substance that's been used as a skin tonic by native Australian tribes for thousands of years.

Non-toxic emu oil could become the best way to get rid of stretch marks because it's hypoallergenic, non-greasy and it doesn't clog the pores like other lotions & creams. Additionally, emu oil is an excellent source of vitamin E, omega 3 and omega 6 essential fatty acids. Penetrating deep into the dermis, the nutrients in emu oil facilitate new growth and they help to repair damaged skin.

There are three basic types of emu oil products on the market; pure emu oil, emu body lotion and bath oil containing emu oil. You can use which ever version you want, but I'd recommend either the pure emu oil or better yet, a stretch mark lotion that combines emu oil with dozens of other highly potent anti stretch mark ingredients.

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