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Does Cocoa Butter Remove Stretch Marks?

Cocoa butter is one among several natural products receiving a lot of attention as a stretch mark removal treatment. But not everybody knows a lot about cocoa butter. That said, if you are looking for a natural alternative to surgery or expensive stretch mark removal creams, you undoubtedly have a few questions.

Questions such as, what is cocoa butter? Does cocoa butter remove stretch marks? How long goes it take to work? How expensive is cocoa butter? Etc. If you want to the answers to these questions, simply read on.

What is Cocoa Butter?

Cocoa butter is a natural fat derived from the cocoa bean, and is used in many skincare products. Although solid at room temperature, cocoa butter has a very low melting point, and will essentially liquefy when applied to human skin. It is readily absorbed by the skin and has the inherent ability to penetrate deep into the skinís surface.

Does Cocoa Butter Remove Stretch Marks?

The antioxidants in cocoa butter make it an exceptionally good natural skin moisturizer that may enhance skinís elasticity and help to eliminate existing scars and blemishes. Although many manufacturers, cosmeticians, and beauty experts declare that products containing cocoa butter can reduce and get rid stretch marks fast, there exists no solid scientific data to support these claims.

Now this doesn't necessarily mean that it's an ineffective treatment, it's just not been used in clinical trials for the sole purpose of getting rid of stretch marks.

How Long Does it Take For Cocoa Butter to Remove Stretch Marks?

Whether you treat them or not, your reddish-purple stripes will eventually fade in color. Whether they remain visible or not has to do with skin type and severity of the stretch marks. It may take several months to several years for stretch marks to fade away significantly.

Cocoa butter and products that contain cocoa butter can indeed speed up the fading process, but there is no guarantee whether these marks will disappear with continued use. The "cocoa butter treatment" is most effective when started as soon as stretch marks begin to form -- so be vigilant. At the first sign of stretch marks -- and I mean even the hint of a shadow a stretch mark -- start applying it daily.

How Expensive is Cocoa Butter?

Cocoa butter is an affordable skin care product -- neither super cheap nor absurdly costly. You can purchase a 7-oz jar of pure, refined, cosmetic quality cocoa butter for around $7; approximately $1 per ounce. If you are a fan of online auction websites, you'll be tickled to learn you can obtain 10 lbs of 100% raw, food grade cocoa butter for $70 Ė exactly $1 per pound! If you don't want to order 10 lbs at once, you can buy 12-oz of the same product for $8; still a substantial savings over the manufactured cream. Either way you slice it, you can obtain some form of cocoa butter on any budget and begin the treatment immediately.

Is It Worth The Expense?

Generally speaking, yes, it's worth it. It isn't a "cure all" of course, but it is something you should definitely add to your stretch mark removal "plan". Considering that it can't actually "hurt" your efforts, it's really a no brainer.

Which is Better: Cocoa Butter or Anti Stretch Mark Cream?

There are a number of natural substances which are considered effective treatments for a number of different skin conditions, which would include stretch marks. These substances include aloe vera gel, tea leaves, tea tree oil, herbal extracts, olive oil, and of course, cocoa butter; along with dozens & dozens of other natural ingredients I don't have time to name.

What is my point, you ask? Well, it's this: while cocoa butter can indeed be effective on it's own given enough time, it can be WILDLY more effective when used in combination with other, more potent ingredients. This would be in the form of stretch mark removal cream, which will be slightly more expensive than just basic cocoa butter.

A top quality stretch mark cream will be able to get rid of stretch marks within a mere matter of weeks -- perhaps 1 to 2 months in some cases, as it depends on your skin. Apart from that, it will also protect the skin from future "stretch mark" attacks.

If I had to choose between basic cocoa butter OR a quality stretch mark cream to remove stretch marks, well, 9 times out of 10, I'm going with the cream -- you just get more bang for your buck.

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