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5 Remedies to Get Rid Of Stretch Marks On Back

Over-the-counter remedies are available in abundance to treat stretch marks on back. They typically include a variety of topical applications intended to promote collagen production, restore elastin and minimize the appearance of this form of scarring. This sounds great, but unfortunately, about 98% of all those over the counter stretch mark removers are total garbage.

They might help to moisturize the skin, but they don't actually help with true stretch mark removal. And for the price -- often upwards of $30 or more for these cheapo moisturizers -- they are not worth your time or mine. Having said all that, many folks are now opting for natural home remedies for the treatment of back stretch marks. While results aren't always guaranteed with such methods, the results that do appear are often more impressive, longer lasting, and significantly more affordable to boot.

5 Great Ways to Get Rid of Stretch Marks On Back...

1. Balanced Diet That Focuses On Skin Health

The basic philosophy of natural remedies is focus on a healthy, balanced lifestyle; and the natural treatment of stretch marks on back is no exception. Cut out the junk food, the fast food, and the highly refined & processed food and get yourself on a diet rich in vegetables and fruit. This will help prevent deficiencies that may influence the severity of stretch marks.

Since it has been proven that nutritional deficiencies increase the appearance and potential of back stretch marks (along with other skin problems), it is advantageous to maintain adequate levels of the vitamins A and C as well as protein and the mineral zinc.

Zinc can be derived from lean meat sources, which includes shellfish, shrimp, and oysters; as well as many dairy products, citrus fruit, carrots, and leafy green vegetables.

Basically, you want to be eating things that are natural and minimally processed. The types of foods that will not only boost your skin health, but your overall health as well. This won't just help to get rid of back stretch marks, it will help with ALL stretch marks and ALL types of skin problems.

Quick Note: You don't need to forsake all your favorite foods and become a health nut for the rest of your life to get rid of stretch marks on back. Just make a couple of diet changes until they go away or are at least significantly reduced, then you can lift your diet "restrictions" once again.

2. Flush Excess Fluids & Toxins From Your System

Adequate water consumption helps to promote the natural production of collagen and elastin, which can reduce the risk of developing back stretch marks as well as help to reduce the appearance of those which are already there. Not only that, but drinking more water as opposed to coffee and soda will help to flush your skin of harmful toxins.

Clearly, drinking more water is not going to get rid of back stretch marks all on it's own -- it's foolish to even suggest it. However, drinking more water can and will make your skin healthier & stronger, thereby making it easier to fight and reduce the appearance of stretch marks on back.

3. Daily Exercise & Weekly Massage Treatments

Regular exercise improves skin as well as muscle tone, which may reduce the development and appearance of stretch marks on back, especially during pregnancy. Massage treatments with the topical application of essential oils support the normal development of elastin and collagen and they improve skin strength and elasticity, all of which prevents and reduces the appearance of back stretch marks.

Cardio and light weight/strength training should be done daily, while massage treatments should be done around 2 to 3 times per week.

4. Natural Oils & Skin Moisturizers

Aloe vera gel, emu oil, olive oil, coconut oil, cocoa butter and shea butter are all natural remedies for stretch marks on back that become even more effective when combined with gentle massage techniques.

Self tanning creams may also reduce the appearance of back stretch marks, as may many anti-aging formulas, which are designed to protect and improve skin integrity while increasing the production of elastin and collagen.

A good moisturizing oil is usually the first, and often the strongest, defense against stretch marks on back. Be sure to find one that responds well to your skin type and begin using it every day. Some women actually combine different oils and moisturizers for a more potent effect.

5. Oddball Stretch Mark Remedies

By adding used coffee grounds to moisturizing skin care lotions -- such as those listed in #4 -- you can dramatically boost any of these topical treatments to improve and refresh affected skin while minimizing the appearance of back stretch marks.

Other oddball stretch mark home remedies include the use of peanut butter or even topical hemorrhoid cream; which can be used to reduce inflammation of the skin and prevent or minimize the development of stretch marks on back.

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