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Stretch Mark Removal Remedies :: Getting Rid Of Stretch Marks Fast

How to Get Rid Of Stretch Marks Fast - Top 7 Strategies

If you have stretch marks, you are aware that our modern culture doesn't think highly of these unsightly and, well, disgusting, skin "blemishes". Most people who have them would love nothing more than to just find out how to get rid of stretch marks fast! Having said that, if you have stretch marks you want to be rid of, I recommend you take a look below and read through the top 7 remedies for how to get rid of stretch marks. They might not cure your stretch mark problems overnight, but they are guaranteed to help!

Top 7 Ways to Get Rid of Stretch Marks...

1. Moisturize Your Skin More Thoroughly

Using a good skin moisturizer at least twice a day is another method of how to get rid of stretch marks fast. Massage the lotion into your affected skin at least twice a day thoroughly. Many women have used cocoa butter or extra virgin olive oil. Aloe vera gel is another excellent choice with many regenerative and skin hydrating powers.

Using a moisturizer helps keep skin soft, supple, and more capable of undergoing rapid growth without the onset of stretch marks. This is clearly not a "cure all" for stretch marks, but it is a vital part to include in your overall anti stretch mark plan.

2. Load Up On Your Vitamins

If you're pregnant, then prenatal vitamins are loaded with all the vitamins and minerals you need for the health of both a developing fetus and its mom. You can, if you wish to, supplement your daily multi-vitamin with separate doses of vitamins A, B complex, C, D, E, and calcium to provide additional support for healthy skin. Continue taking a daily supplement after giving birth to get rid of stretch marks fast.

If you're NOT pregnant and are fighting stretch marks, the same advice applies; take some sort of daily multi-vitamin. Getting the right vitamins & minerals into your system is the key to healthier skin and the ability to fight off stretch marks.

3. The "Healthy Skin" Diet Plan

This goes hand in hand with number 2, as you need to be giving your body -- or more specifically speaking, your skin -- the tools it needs to fight off stretch marks.

Basically, you want to eat foods that are good for the skin and then avoid the ones that are bad for the skin. Simple enough to understand, right? Well, you'd be surprised at how many people ignore or simply scoff at the idea of food being able to heal, repair, and protect the skin.

Good Foods: Bright fruits and bright vegetables (antioxidants), certain kinds of nuts (protein, fiber), fish and fish oil capsules (good, healthy fats), low fat cheeses, lean cuts of meat and chicken (essential amino acids), beans, peas, & legumes (connective tissues), dark chocolate (antioxidants), most fruit & vegetable juices, as well as many other natural foods and substances..

Bad Foods: Saturated fats, refined sugars, highly processed meats, caffeine in sodas & coffee, junk food, fast food, and pretty much everything else that is obviously unnatural and toxin abundant. Here's a tip; If the box has a massive paragraph of ingredients, throw it away!

4. Microdermabrasion Treatments

Unlike other blemishes in the skin, stretch marks do not form on the top layer of skin known as the epidermis; rather, they form in the layer below it. That said, microdermabrasion can minimize the appearance of stretch marks.

These fine long, silvery scars are like microscopic valleys sunken into the skin on your abdomen, thighs, breasts, arms and/or buttocks. Microdermabrasion sandblasts the skin and erodes the ridges of these valleys. Following 10-12 of these treatments -- only takes a matter of weeks for most people -- your stretch marks should appear far less noticeable.

Is this the most reliable technique for how to get rid of stretch marks fast? No, definitely not; as it's not only very expensive, but it requires scheduled appointments, a nearby clinic or spa, and nearly a dozen separate treatments to get results.

It's an option to consider, just not the wisest one in my opinion.

5. Laser Treatments for Stretch marks

While it's not my favorite method -- or even a method that I like -- laser treatments are an effective treatment for how to get rid of stretch marks fast. They can minimize red stretch marks, diminish white ones and improve overall skin texture.

The pulsed-dye method reduces inflammation and discoloration in red stretch marks, while it stimulates the development of collagen for skin remodeling. Fractional laser therapy reduces white stretch marks and smooths skin texture. Laser treatment may cause inflammatory hyper pigmentation to occur, or it may not produce satisfactory results for darker skin tones.

Discuss ALL the options, side effects, risks, costs, and complications that come with laser treatment with the specialist. It's not something you should jump into lightly just because you've got a few stretch marks you want to get rid of. My advice is to use laser treatments -- or any high end beauty procedure for that matter -- as an absolute LAST resort. There are plenty of better methods available.

6. Full Blown Cosmetic Surgery

Abdominoplasty surgically (the tummy tuck) removes skin under the belly button where most pregnancy stretch marks occur, making it a permanent method of how to get rid of stretch marks fast.

Adominoplasty will leave scar tissue of its own; but incisions are made low in the abdomen where they can be easily covered, and scars typically fade within a year. Most insurance policies DO NOT cover this type of surgery -- meaning your going to foot the entire bill.

The cost of an abdominoplasty will vary from one surgeon to another. However, a ball park price would be anywhere from $4000 to $7500 -- which is well above the average monthly income of most families.

If you've got the money to burn, you don't mind missing work for recovery time, and you don't mind a fair amount of discomfort, then abdominoplasty could be perfect for you. Personally though, I think it's an awful idea and an absurd way to get rid of stretch marks, especially in light of the effectiveness and speed of treatment number 7, which is right below.

7. Stretch Mark Creams (My Top Pick!)

A) Homemade Stretch Mark Cream: An effective homemade body wash is just one more way of how to get rid of stretch marks fast. You will need some used coffee grounds, a fresh tea bag, aloe vera gel, warm water, cocoa butter, an exfoliating skin cleanser and optional baby powder.

Combine coffee grounds in a bowl with aloe vera gel, then add the tea bag and warm water. Next, add baby powder to thicken this watery mixture into a paste like substance if necessary. Finally, add proportional amounts of cocoa butter and exfoliating cleanser. Stir, pour into an empty bottle, and shake well before using. Apply daily and let dry for somewhat noticeable improvements in 1 to 2 months!

B) Specialty Stretch Mark Cream: If you like do-it-yourself recipes like the one above, then go ahead and get started. On the other hand though, if you like results that are faster without all the mess and the "trial and error" that comes with those types remedies, then one of the best stretch mark creams is what you need.

Such a cream will not only help reduce the appearance of stretch marks within weeks, it'll actually tighten and tone your skin too! As far as convenience, affordability, and effectiveness goes, this treatment is the reigning champ and few others come close. That's not opinion, that's FACT!

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