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5 Great Ideas For How to Hide Stretch Marks

For most people, stretch marks are a massive embarrassment and a self confidence destroyer. That said, it's not surprising that most women (and some men) try to naturally conceal the stretch marks and keep them hidden from view. If you're one such individual, then these tips for how to hide stretch marks might be worth a few moments of your time.

The 5 Best Ways to Hide Stretch Marks From Sight...

1. Minor Beauty Procedures

Microdermabrasion, chemical peels, and other types of cosmetic therapies are options of how to hide stretch marks. Unfortunately, these stretch mark treatments can be quite expensive and some procedures require multiple applications before noticeable results are achieved.

Apart from those down sides thought, such minor beauty treatment are a viable way to hide stretch marks if you've got the cash and the time to schedule appointments.

Do I recommend this route? Truthfully, no; as there are better and cheaper ways to hide stretch marks you can make use of. But regardless of my opinion, this "method" is worth mentioning.

2. Cleverly Cover Up Those "Unattractive" Areas

Wearing more clothing is one simple and very popular method of how to hide stretch marks. If you have them on your tummy, then you obviously need to stay away from crop tops or any clothing that reveals your abdomen when you lift your arms.

As for the legs & thighs, that's an easy one -- medium length skirts. Just because you have a few stretch marks doesn't mean you have to dress like a nun. Medium length skirts will hide stretch marks with ease and without drawing attention to yourself. Obviously, very short skirts are out of the question when you have stretch marks on thighs.

As for swim wear, just take your time. Try on a lot of them to insure that the right one hides the right places at the right times. In front of a mirror, lift your arms, bend over, squat, lean to the left & to the right, do a light jog in place, and even do some stretches. Are your stretch marks revealed at any time? How often and how visible are they? These are important questions, as you will rarely be standing up and completely still while in your swimsuit. You're not a mannequin; you're a human that will be moving around a LOT.

Another good tip is to purchase a breezy cover up to wear when youíre not in the water. Any light fabric that acts as a cover for your legs, rear, and belly would work fine. Something stylish and swimsuit friendly should not be at all difficult to find.

3. Self Tanning Products

One of the best techniques of how to hide stretch marks is to use a self-tanning product. Always do a patch test first so you will know how your skin reacts to the product. Apply self-tanning lotion or spray evenly to avoid streaking and blotching. After all, if your tan-in-a-bottle leaves you looking orange and streaked, your stretch marks will be the least of your concerns!

And contrary to popular belief, obtaining an actual tan will not produce effective results in most cases. This is because stretch marks do not tan well and your tanned skin will only make them more noticeable.

4. Camouflage Makeup

With all the makeup products available on the market today, itís tough to decide which cosmetics are the best for how to hide stretch marks. In most cases, a little trial and error with your make up "kit" will be required. For most women though, applying make up is a big part of the daily routine, so using it to hide those pesky stretch marks wonít be a big hassle. Once you've got the right make-up combination, then it's just a matter of following the routine each day.

Clearly, the makeup method isn't for light stretch mark problems. If you've got them in large quantities on your rear, arms, belly, and thighs, well, a little makeup is hardly the right solution for you. On the other hand, if the problem is mild, then this could indeed be the best way to hide stretch marks.

5. Airbrushing

The absolute best way to hide stretch marks may indeed be airbrushing, which can make any skin blemish disappear from sight. You just have to make sure that you use the right tone.

Look for products that closely match your skin tone and are guaranteed to last all day. Airbrushing covers stretch marks of all colors. Application is relatively easy, and should produce a flawless result. Also, an airbrush application can last longer than 12 hours without fading, smearing or requiring touch-ups. It does require a little effort, but it's very effective and works like a charm. In fact, I'd bet that no one will even know you've got stretch marks, and that's even if you're in a two-piece swimsuit!

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