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Stretch Mark Removal Remedies :: Surgery For Stretch Marks

Stretch Mark Removal Surgery: The Pros & Cons

Human skin stretches to accommodate significant changes in size due to rapid weight gain and/or growth spurts. Skin is basically elastic, and is able to tolerate significant stretching, such as what occurs during pregnancy. However, even skin reaches its limit at some point, and, unable to stretch any further, the deepest layer of skin tears.

When a layer of skin tears, the overlying skin remains intact but appears thin and streaky. These streaks are called stretch marks, and they are permanent, unless eliminated through stretch mark removal surgery. While there are indeed home remedies for stretch marks that you can use, those only reduce the appearance of these unsightly blemishes. Stretch mark removal surgery is the only guaranteed treatment to get rid of them.

Laser Treatments for Stretch Marks

Although many skin care specialists tout laser treatments as effective remedies for stretch marks, there is no scientific proof that laser treatment works. In fact, most plastic surgeons consider laser therapy ineffective when treating this problem.

Lasers are effective in removing, vaporizing, and breaking down tissue, but not as effective as surgery to remove stretch marks. Stretch marks are caused by torn tissue, and laser treatments does nothing to repair them. Such treatments may be minimally effective in thinning out the skin surrounding the stretch marks and creating more evenly textured skin, but that benefit is hardly worth the colossal expense.

The Tummy Tuck Surgery to Remove Stretch Marks

Abdominal stretch marks develop primarily below the belly button. And with that said, a tummy tuck is the only surefire method of removing them from your abdomen. Most of the skin below the belly button is removed during a tummy tuck, and the stretch marks are removed with them. So after the procedure, the stretch marks are quite literally GONE.

Costs of Stretch Mark Removal Surgery

Like everything else, medical costs have been climbing slowly over the past decade, with cosmetic surgery to remove stretch marks proving to be no exception.

The increase in costs for cosmetic procedures has remained consistent when compared with cost of living and other price increases. However, tummy tucks and face lifts continue to be considered "luxury" procedures; not medically "needed" ones. That said, there isn't a snowballs chance in -- (do I need to say it?) -- of it being covered by medical insurance.

Wanting to remove your stretch marks through cosmetic surgery requires a serious financial consideration. As with any luxury item, you should balance the potential benefits with the initial cost. On top of that, you need to think about lost work time, recovery time and the possibility of developing complications; however rare they might be.

More Than You Make In a Month

In the US, the average cost of stretch mark removal surgery is from $6000 - $8000. Compare that to the average monthly salary -- anywhere from $1500 to $4000 -- and you're looking at one hefty price tag.

The Downsides Of Stretch Mark Removal Surgery

This surgery takes at least 1 to 3 hours to perform, requires general anesthesia and at least one night's stay in the hospital. You would experience moderate to severe discomfort, little bruising, and even abdominal numbness lasting 6 months or longer. You read that right, 6 MONTHS! Bandages will come off within four days post-surgery and stitches come out after 7 days.

Driving could be resumed 7 to 14 days after surgery to remove stretch marks, so long as you were no longer taking pain medication. Barring any complications, you could expect to return to work 7 to 10 days after stretch mark removal surgery, provided your job required no lifting or manual labor. If it did, you would be off work for 6 to 8 weeks.

You could resume exercise 4 weeks after surgery. Surgery would produce a visible incision scar, which would fade in time. Final results of a tummy tuck to remove your stretch marks would be evident roughly one year after stretch mark removal surgery.

Is Surgery to Remove Stretch Marks A Good Idea?

Those who have developed a significant number of stretch marks for what ever reasons can be permanently relieved of these marks by undergoing a tummy tuck. Not only does this procedure remove excess abdominal skin, which will result in a slightly smaller waistline, it also tightens the inner girdle, known as fascia.

This "girdle" holds back muscle and organs. The more a plastic surgeon tighten its, the flatter the abdomen will appear. However, excessive tightening of the fascia frequently causes greater discomfort and may lengthen recovery time after stretch mark removal surgery

Sretch mark removal surgery is a corrective procedure. There are other remedies, including stretch mark removal creams, which can improve the appearance of stretch marks without undergoing invasive medical procedures. Whether or not surgery to remove stretch marks is the best option for you is an intensively personal decision based on numerous factors.

The Final Verdict

If money is no object, your stretch marks are extensive, you don't have time for home remedies, AND you're looking for permanent removal without much effort on your part, then surgery may indeed be your best option.

On the other hand, if money IS an issue, the marks aren't "that bad", AND you have time to use some anti stretch mark remedies daily, then I'd say 86 the surgery and stick with natural remedies & treatments. They'll take a little more time & effort, but they're far cheaper and, in my opinion, WAY more effective!

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